UBC Contribution Rate Changes to the Extraordinary Expense Fund (Policy FM7) Effective April 1st, 2024

The Extraordinary Expense Fund (Policy FM7) was established to help researchers with grant- and contract-funded staff, faculty and postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) who receive funding directly from a source external to UBC, by providing a fund for uncustomary expenses not otherwise covered.


The fund provides reimbursement for extraordinary circumstances such as paid short-term sick leave, maternity, parental, and adoption leave. Severance or working notices are also eligible under certain criteria.


The fund is established through contributions of salary or earnings of grant- or contract-funded employees and are typically collected from grant and research accounts. A different approach is in place for PDF award recipients. As you will recall from previous years, contribution rates for Tri-Agency and non-Tri-Agency funds are calculated separately, and the proceeds placed in separate funds. Each year, the appropriateness of the contribution rates are evaluated, and the following rates will be effective April 1st, 2024 to ensure the fund covers expected expenses:



  1. Tri-Agency funds:            0.25% (decrease from 0.40% last year)
  2. Non-Tri-Agency funds:   0.25% (decrease from 0.30% last year)


UBC Vice-President Research & Innovation will notify each year of the contribution rates for the following fiscal year. For more information on the EEF, please see the Extraordinary Expenses Fund Policy (Policy FM7).