Advance notice of NEW SSHRC Race, Gender and Diversity Initiative to be launched later this summer

Initiative aims to support partnership research to inform actions to address social disparities related to race, gender and other forms of diversity.

Research in the social sciences and humanities is essential to understanding and tackling inequities in society, and identifying systemic barriers and discrimination.

With new funds outlined in Federal Budget 2021, SSHRC will soon launch the Race, Gender and Diversity Initiative. This strategic initiative will enhance society’s understanding of the causes and persistence of systemic racism and discrimination, and the impact of oppression on Canadians and our communities, and will help develop strategies to support greater justice and equity.

This initiative will support community-based and community-led research, carried out in partnership with postsecondary institutions, that is based on the lived experience of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups, including but not limited to women; First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples; people living with disabilities; racialized minorities; religious minorities; and LGBTQ2+ people, as well as individuals who identify as, or belong to, more than one of these groups.

The federal government is investing a total of $12 million for this initiative. The funds will be awarded for three-year partnership grants, each valued at up to $450,000, geared at co-creating new knowledge and connection activities, and developing talent on critical issues to create a more equitable Canada. The research projects will be awarded competitively, through a merit review process, by a diverse, multidisciplinary and multisector adjudication committee of external experts with both research and lived experience.

The funding opportunity will launch in summer 2021, with complete details about the application process and deadline available then.

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