Important changes to the Spring 2024 Project Grant competition

This message is directed to all UBC registrants to the Fall 2023 CIHR Project Grant competition, plus affiliated research staff.


There are two significant changes that CIHR is making to the Project Grant application guidelines, which will affect both new and resubmission applications. These changes are designed to ensure that the 10-page Research Proposal stands-alone, containing all necessary information for a comprehensive assessment by reviewers.


  1. To ensure a fair and consistent evaluation process, CIHR is implementing new guidelines regarding the attachments allowed in applications.


Beginning with the Spring 2024 competition, the following attachments will no longer be accepted:

  • Questionnaires, surveys, and consent forms;
  • Supplementary tables, charts, figures, and photographs;
  • Patient Information Sheets (for Randomized Controlled Trial applications); and
  • Publications.

For those of you anticipating resubmission, consider making time now to conduct a review of your most recent Project Grant(s). Specifically, read through your Research Proposal(s), paying careful attention to any references made to supplementary information. If any of these attachments are listed above (i.e., ineligible), consider the impact of their removal on the ability of your Proposal to stand-alone for assessment by CIHR reviewers, then modify text as necessary.


For those of you working on a new application, be sure that your Research Proposal does not require attachment of any of the above-listed items to support your content.


Of note, some attachments will continue to be allowed. However, some are mandatory (such as the SGBA training module certificate of completion, and letters of community support from Indigenous partners), while others are optional [like letters of collaboration detailing specific services (e.g., equipment access, provision of reagents, specialized training), and additional CV information accounting for leaves, absences, illnesses, caregiving roles, etc.].


For full details of the changes, please see the Project Grant Application Instructions, Task 7: Attach other application material.


  1. CIHR also states, in Task 7: “Remember that your research proposal should stand-alone (i.e., it should contain a complete description of your project and all the information required to support your research plan, without any hyperlinks).”


Again, for resubmissions, please vet your previous submission(s) for hyperlinks, then remove and adjust the corresponding text to provide additional information required for completeness, as necessary.


For new applications, please ensure your content does not include or rely on hyperlinks.