Partnering opportunities with General Mills, BASF, Neogen Corporation and more



Private Company – Novel approaches to increase Morbillivirus yield from eukaryotic cells culture – Deadline: Sun, Dec 31

We are seeking proven methods to increase the viral yield from eukaryotic cell cultures in vitro, with particular interest in increasing the yield of Morbilliviruses in established cell lines.


General Mills – Solutions for frozen food packaging and transportation – Deadline: Sun, Dec 31

General Mills is seeking technologies to replace the use of expanded polystyrene (EPS) delivery packaging for frozen food. Potential solutions include better infrastructure and refrigeration equipment, optimized logistics, and new or novel delivery packaging.


BASF – The challenge of repairing polymers in recycling – Deadline: Sun, Dec 31

BASF is seeking a solution for repairing polymers in recycling. Specifically, they are interested in solutions that will extend the chain of cleaved polyolefins in recycling.


Neogen Corporation – Elimination of free nucleic acid from samples used in molecular tests – Deadline: Sun, Dec 31

Neogen is seeking methodologies and/or equipment that eliminate the nucleic acids of non-living cells within a sample.


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